Whole 30 Wrap-Up: 3 Things I Learned and Species Diversity Tally

pan-seared duck breast

Pan-seared duck breast

I finished my whole 30 a couple of weeks ago, but I have been crazy busy trying to finish things up on the farm for the fall so I am just now getting to posting about it! Overall I felt really great during the 30 days and I would highly recommend the process to anyone interested in healthy eating and whole foods.
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Lavender: 12 Uses Beyond Potpourri

 This week we had lots of extra harvested lavender! Only problem is that it was a bad year for the flowers, so I ended up with only a couple dozen flowers and a lot of greens. So I started looking into what I could do with all of these heavenly smelling lavender greens!

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Whole30 and Species Variety, Week 1


So far I’ve been doing pretty well on the Whole30. I’ve done Whole30 before, but there are lots of recipes that I didn’t try last time, like making my own bone broth, clarified butter, and paleo mayo.

I’ve been eating about 90% paleo for the last few months, and I’ve been eating primarily real food for about two years now, so I haven’t had any major withdrawel symptoms yet. I have been pretty hungry, especially on farm days, so I’ve had to be careful to always pack extra emergency foods whenever I’m out for the day.
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