urban sustainability – realism or romanticism?

I’ve been interested in self sufficiency my whole life. As a child I would spend my time outside or in the library in the science section – I was always trying to learn what plants I could use for various purposes. What herbs could I use in my hair? What wild plants could be dried for tea? I’ve always been interested in these questions. And I had my first garden when I was about ten.

Because of these interests I always assumed that I would end up living in a rural area. Growing up in a small town in central New York it felt like a natural choice. I’ve been living in an urban area for the past few years, though, and I think that there are so many benefits (from a sustainability standpoint) to living in a city that I’d like to see how feasible it is to homestead in the city.

Right now my husband and I are renting and saving up for a place of our own, but I’m not going to wait around to buy a property to start becoming more self sufficient. How realistic is this going to be, living in a rental property with a small yard? We will see.


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