Reusing Roadside Remnants: DIY pea trellis from found materials

So my pea plants are starting to get pretty tall, which means they are hanging pretty close to the ground. From what I’ve read, trellising is helpful at this point (all about peas from Mother Earth News), although I do know some organic farmers who don’t bother.

Some ideas for constructing trellises can be found from Raygunomics, Rock Farmer, and Vertical Gardener. As with everything in this garden so far, I’m going to use what I can find. I have some decent twine and some branches that I found by the road in my neighborhood. Here’s what I came up with:

IMG_20140615_110417_836[1] IMG_20140615_110942_768[1]IMG_20140615_160700_905[1]

I also constructed smaller trellises for a few pea plants I am growing in containers:


Now I just have to make two more long trellises for my other pea patches!


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