My Garden in May: Container Gardening, Free Materials, and Other Progress

There’s nothing like a few free plants to get things going in the garden! In the past couple of weeks I put in a lot of plants and made a lot of progress with the germinants I started from seed. May is always an interesting month to garden in central New York because you never know if it’s going to be warm and sunny and perfect weather for starting plants or if it’s going to snow. Despite the frost scare on Friday night (seriously!) this year it has been relatively warm so far, which is good news for my seedlings, many of which are taking off. I’m still keeping what’s left of them in a cold frame just in case! 20150523_151719 I also rescued some extra leek starts from the compost pile at the farm where I work. There were enough leeks that I couldn’t fit them all in my back yard and still have room for much else, so I gave a few away to some friends who garden and installed the rest along the fence along the south side of the yard. I also seeded some greens and scallions into that section of the garden. 20150523_144639 My mother-in-law dug up a few black raspberry offshoots from her back yard, too. I installed six of those in the southwest corner of the garden by the black walnut stump. I haven’t had much success growing most plants in that corner (due to residual juglone in the soil), so I’m hoping that these will spread out a little and take over the area. I’m also going to seed in some amaranth (thanks to a comment on an earlier post) in that area behind the black raspberries. 20150523_144551 The north side of the yard is the sunniest and is doing pretty well right now. The oregano and garlic (and the hostas I can’t bring myself to remove) are coming up and I just installed echinacea seedlings. 20150523_144511 The east side of the yard is the herb garden. The perennials (mint, lemon balm, oregano) are all coming back well, and I just transplanted some small chive and scallion seedlings. I have some chamomile seedlings for this section coming along but I’m waiting for them to get a little bigger before I transplant them. I purchased small sage and thyme seedlings and seeded in some parsley as well. I also seeded in some sugar snap peas because I love them and I can’t help it. 20150523_144739 20150523_144718 20150523_144356 I rescued some tomato, eggplant, and pepper seedlings from the compost pile at the farm and put them all in containers, since my yard is much too shaded for tomatoes. I also have squash, melons, and cucumbers growing in containers. 20150523_144822 I still have a lot to do with my container garden, including:

  • Fill the rubbermaid bins with soil/compost mixture
  • Transplant tomato, cucumber, melon, and zucchini plants into rubbermaid bins
  • Seed carrots into a bin
  • Transplant onion starts into a bin (I have a few extra bins not pictured below)
  • Finish setting up my trellis and chicken wire fence

Despite what still needs to be done, you can get the idea of my setup here (you can click on the image to see a larger, more detailed version): container gardenI hope you all have some great things going on in your gardens this month! More updates to come!


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