The Fourth Season of Homesteading, Part 3


Today the first of my seedlings germinated! And now that the snow is finally starting to melt around here and spring feels like it is right around the corner, I thought I’d post the last part of my series on the fourth season of homesteading! If you missed part 1 and part 2, you don’t need to read the posts in order, but feel free to catch up! Today I’m going to focus on winter projects around the house!

Growing Indoors20150310_200808[1]

I’ve been growing some of my own microgreens inside this winter. It’s a little slow going but it’s great to have some fresh greens! Here are some other ideas for indoor winter projects:

Home Improvement Projects


I try not to spend unnecessary money on my current home since I’m renting, but inexpensive updates such as updating thermostats, insulating windows, and installing insulation on water pipes and water heaters can be helpful for improving energy efficiency. Other inexpensive projects such as installing shelving, painting, and recaulking bathroom tile can make a big difference to the look and functionality of a home. I didn’t do too much in this area this winter but I did work on my kitchen organization!

Try Some New Household Recipes

During the growing season you might not have time to, say, learn how to make cheese or your own vinegar, but in the winter with tons of free time on your hands you can. Here are some ideas I’ve been thinking about:

Learn a New Skill


For example, knitting, sewing, or woodworking. Winter is a great time to work on something time consuming and build up skills that can be used throughout the year (or to spend extra time on skills you already have)!

Relax and Have Fun!

I know that for me sometimes it seems like there’s no free time to spend time with loved ones or even simply to get a full night’s sleep! Take advantage of the quiet season for a little bit of down time.


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